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Shipping safe GMO’s

AliBox IVD diagnostic sample Tracker, Tracer and Logger for ISO13485

For FDA approval or in Europe for Iso regulations it is imperative to trace the quality of the shippment and the integrety of the shipped samples.

Genprice Inc, CA distributes unique shipping boxes for this purpose.

The boxes are polystyrene isolated and can ship dry ice -85 *C, -25 C and blue ice or room temperature.

A log of the temperature, day hour and time with the GPS tracing data will be supplied to all your shipped samples.

Shipping and sample integrity or safety for exterior contamination should always be traced.

2019 ncov samples have been successfully and sadly shipped with Alibox to the to points of diagnostic testing. Although the box is not disposable is some cases the risk justifies to destroy the box after contaminant shipments. Most of the time the box will be autoclaved and re-used for 100ds of shipments

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