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Biotech tools

Fluorescent microscopy Cell culture & cell counting,  2D gel electrophoresis

  • Antibody conjugation
  • ELISAs   Primer design
  • Invasion & migration assays
  • Flow cytometry Western blot and more …

Protocols are available for techniques including Western blot, ELISA, immunoprecipitation, FISH, and RNAi knockdown. Information is also available for antibody labelling, apoptosis, circulating tumour cells, epigenetics and more.

AdipoGen Life Sciences 

Technical Resources

  • Gasdermin D Signalling Pathways –
  • Signalling Wallcharts
  • NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation, Signaling & Regulation
  • Notch Signaling Pathway – Activation, Signaling and Regulation
  • T Cell Immune Checkpoints Wallchart (2019 update)
  • Pattern Recognition Receptors Signaling Wallchart (2019 update)
  • TNF Superfamily Ligands & Receptors Wallchart
  • Cancer & Stem Cell Signaling Wallchart


Common Misconceptions about Antibodies: Exactly the same protocol can be applied to all antibodies. Actually no, this is NOT the case.

  1. Why fractionate?
  2. Is the antibody always to blame?
  3. Save time with your western blots. Have you considered simultaneous detection with two primary antibodies?

Protocols and Troubleshooting Tips: ask ALL protocols

  • ​ELISA protocol​
  • Immunoprecipitation troubl​eshooting​
  • Immunoprecipitation/IgY
  • ​Immunohistochemistry(IHC)/IgY
  • Western blot protocol
  • Western blot using IgY​​
  • Western blot troubleshooting​
  • Dot blot protocol
  • Neut​ralisation/Competition Peptide Assays
  • Anti-KLH antibody removal​
  • Yolk delipidation protocol


These  tutorials will provide you with tips and troubleshooting for quantitative and qualitative immunoblotting, with a special focus on plant and algal samples.

  1. Part I: Sample harvesting, extraction. Qualitative western blot. Tips and troubleshooting.
  2. Part II: Quantitative and Qualitative Immunoblotting of Photosynthetic Organisms.​

​WB  protocol​

WB  2 protocol​

Western Blot (WB) Tutorial Workshop via Skype

Are you new to Western Blotting?

Do you need a refresher on Western Blotting?

Antibody Storage Recommendations​

General considerations for: Antibodies in Serum | Total IgG fraction | Total IgY fraction | Egg Yolk | Affinity Purified Antibodies | IgG | Chicken IgY – View the Antibody Storage Recommendations

Successful Antibody Production

Are you thinking about making your own antibodies? If so, view to poster to find out more about the three crucial components of Antibody Production.

Poster: Tips and Tricks for Antibody Production and Validation Process – How to obtain good results – View poster | Download poster

Plant Science Events Calendar

Sign-up your meeting, workshop, symposium or check what is coming!

Plant Science Events Calendar protocol

How to Cite an Antibody in a Scientific Publication?

As more than half of the antibodies used in research cannot be properly identified, it is absolutely crucial to include information, which will allow antibody identification by researchers who want to repeat your experiments. Some journals provide a guideline for antibody citation, unfortunately most of them do not. This issue is most often completely overlooked. Find out how to cite your antibody here.

AVIVA Systems Biology 

Decorate your Lab space or Office wall with Aviva’s downloadable Signalling Pathways.

  1. ​Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Pathway | Alzheimer’s Disease Pathway | Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Pathway | Apoptosis Pathway | Axon Guidance Pathway | Cell Cycle Pathway | Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Pathway | Colorectal Cancer Pathway | Hepatitis C Pathway | Huntington’s Disease Pathway | Jak-STAT Signalling Pathway | MAPK Signalling Pathway | Melanoma Pathway​ | mTOR Signalling Pathway | Neuroactive Pathway | Neurotrophin Signalling Pathway | Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Pathway | Parkinson’s Disease Pathway | Pathways in Cancer | Prostate Cancer Pathway | Small Cell Lung Cancer Pathway | Toxoplasmosis Pathway | Transcriptional Misregulation In Cancer Pathway | Viral Carcinogenesis Pathway –  | WNT Signalling Pathway

Technical Protocols

  1. Western Blotting/Immunoblotting
  2. Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  3. Immunocytochemistry (ICC)
  4. Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay (ELISA)
  5. Blocking Peptide Competition
  6. Immunoprecipitation (IP)
  7. Antibody Array (AA)


​Technical Notes

Technical Tips for ELISA Assays​ [PDF]

Spike-and-recovery and linearity-of-dilution assays are two essential validation studies that assess the ability of the ELISA assay to measure the true (ie. accurate) amount of antigen in the sample.

Bioss Antibodies              

​Bioss is dedicated to helping you achieve exceptional results. Their top-notch scientific support team has worked hard to develop these protocols for all their applications. They hope these instructional aids will assist you in your research!


  1. Bioss Immunohistochemistry – Frozen Sections (IHC-F) protocol
  2. Bioss Immunohistochemistry – Parrafin Embedded Sections (IHC-P) protocol
  4. Bioss Immunofluorescence protocol for Parrafin Sections
  6. Bioss Flow Cytometry Intracellular Phosphorylation Staining protocol
  7. Bioss Flow Cytometry General Surface Staining protocol
  9. Bioss Western Blot (WB) protocol
  10. ELISA
  11. Bioss Direct ELISA protocol
  12. Bioss Indirect ELISA protocol​


Brush up on your scientific history. Bioss presents a tribute to Scientific Excellence with their Scientific Journeys​.

Introduction to Recombinant Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

Fluorescent vs. Chromogenic Detection in Immunohistochemistry

Cayman Chemical           

Cayman Chemical offers various tools and resources to support their products and services and help make your research possible.

Technical Support

  1. Analysis Tools: Analyse assay kit results with Microsoft Excel-based quantitation templates
  2. Assay Kit Recommendation Guide: Compare assay kits based on sample type, target, and preferred detection method
  3. Batch Specific Data and Documents: Download or request product inserts, QC sheets, certificates of analysis, and GC-MS data
  4. Chemical Structure Database: Download the latest compound database in MDL SD file format
  5. Literature & Media: Download or request lab wall posters, application notes, brochures, scientific posters, and more
  6. Cayman News: Read the newest announcements, articles, and press releases from Cayman
  7. Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology
  8. Cayman Spectral Library: Search the GC-MS spectral database available in Agilent MSD ChemStation and NIST file formats
  9. GC-MS Drug Identification Search Tool: Search unknowns against formula weight, base peak, or 2nd base ion
  10. Synthetic Cannabinoid Flipbook​: Explore structural similarities to known Schedule 1 synthetic cannabinoids



  • ​Diaclone Direct Staining
  • Diaclone General ELISA protocol v2
  • Diaclone General ELISpot protocol v2​​
  • Diaclone Immunohistochemistry-staining for frozen tissue sections
  • Diaclone Indirect Flow Cytometry protocol
  • Diaclone Intracellular Cytokine Staining
  • Diaclone Western Blotting Protocol
  • DIAplex Murine 5plex Kit
  • DIAplex Pro 1_0 Software instructions
  • DIAplex Pro 1.0 Software

Enzo Life Sciences           

​Browse through Enzo’s Knowledge Base for general and product-specific FAQs, troubleshooting steps and protocols.

  • TechNote: 10 Tips for High Quality Images by Cellular Microscopy​
  • TechNote: Re-examining genetic disorders with array CGH​
  • TechNote: 10 Tips for Successful ELISA Assay​
  • TechNote: 10 Tips for Successful Westerns​
  • TechNote: 10 Tips for Successful Immunohistochemistry​
  • TechNote: Predicting drug efficiency and improving drug discovery with ORACLs​
  • TechNote: Wnt Signaling – A Cure For Spinal Injuries?​​TechNote: Editing of Human Embryos with CRISPR​​TechNote: Immunohistochemistry Troubleshooting Guide​​
  • Download literature including catalogues, product flyers, scientific posters and poster presentations. ​​

Antibody Search Tools

Enzo Life Sciences offers thousands of antibodies against peptides, whole or partial proteins, and modified peptides or proteins. Backed by thousands of peer-reviewed citations, Enzo’s Worry-free Antibody Trial Program​, and expert technical support, you can count on Enzo antibodies to deliver reliable, consistent, accurate data.

  1. Rigorously validated for WB, IP, ELISA, IHC, ICC, IF, and flow cytometry
  • Superb performance documented in thousands of peer-reviewed publications from 1986-present
  • Expanded utility provided by common fluorophore and enzyme conjugates
  • Convenient secondary antibodies and positive control lysates and proteins
  • Bulk production and custom conjugation/formulation services to meet your needs
  • Primary Antibody Search Tool


Are you new to Epigenetics and need an introduction to the Fundamentals?

  1. Tools and Technologies
  2. Tips & Techniques for Epigenetics Researchers
  3. Educationally Entertaining Articles
  4. News & Reviews​

Chromatin Remodelling:

  • ChIP Sequencing Resources:
  • What is ChIP?
  • ChIP Tips
  • ChIP-Seq Library Prep​
  • Learn About DNMTs: Mechanisms of DNA Methyltransferases (DNMTs) and DNA Demethylases
  • Antibodies
  • How to Select the Right Secondary Antibody​​


GeneTex has over 55,000 Antibodies for the following research areas:

  1. ​Cancer
  2. Immunology​
  3. ​Zebrafish
  4. ​Cell Biology
  5. ​Infectious Disease
  6. Stem Cell Development
  7. ​Disease Related
  8. Metabolism
  9. ​Epigenetics
  10. Neuroscience
  11. ​Epitope Tags
  12. Signal Transduction

Check out GeneTex’s Mini Catalogues and Flyers (for e.g. VEGF, and more).

Decorate your lab/office wall space with GeneTex’s informative signalling pathway posters or you can request hard copies.

View the technical s that include tips and troubleshooting

Immunohistochemistry (IHC).

  1. Also available, IHC (paraffin) troubleshooting print-out guide.
  2. Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA)
  3. Western Blot (WB) – Sample preparation, Electrophoresis
  4. A collection of useful printable protocols and technical tips available for applications:
  5. ​Cell Culture
  6. ​Western Blot (WB)
  7. Fractionation of Membrane Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Proteins
  8. ​Cell Lysate Preparation
  9. ​Immunocytochemistry (ICC)
  10. ​Immunofluorescent Staining for Flow Cytometry
  11. ​Sandwich ELISA (ELISA)
  12. Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  13. EasyBlot®, finally a solution to masking by denatured IgG, will help you get the cleanest results on your IP/Co-IP experiments.

Grace Bio-Labs 


  1. Microarray Reagents
  1. Protein Array Assay System
  2. Reverse Phase Protein Array Assay System
  4. Microarray Reagents
  5. Q-Block™ Protein Microarray Blocking Buffer
  6. SuperG™ Blocking Buffer
  7. SuperG Plus™ Preservation Buffer
  8. Seals & Chambers
  9. ​Applying Glass to Microtiter Plates
  10. CultureWell™ Coverglass Removal Tool
  11. CultureWell™ MultiSlip Coverslip Inserts
  12. CultureWell™ MultiWell Cell Culture System
  13. CultureWell™ MultiWell Chambered Coverslips
  14. CoverWell™ Imaging Chambers
  15. CoverWell™ Incubation Chambers
  16. CoverWell™ Perfusion Chambers
  17. ​Hybrislip™ Hybridization Covers
  18. HybriWell™
  19. Press Fit Tubing Connectors
  20. SecureSeal™ Chambers
  21. SecureSeal™ Imaging Spacers
  22. SecureSlip™ Glass Coverslips
  23. Silicone Isolators
  25. ONCYTE Film Slide Overview
  26. SecureSeal Chambers
  27. HybriWell Sealing System Assembly with a Glass Slide
  28. ProPlate Assembly & Disassembly
  29. Cell Culture Removal Tool for Chambered Coverglass
  30. Silicone Isolator Application

Immunochemistry Technologies

ELISA development is a core specialty at Immunochemistry Technologies (ICT). They offer a full line of ELISA blocking buffers, wash buffers, and immunoassay components for immunoassay development and manufacturing. ICT has everything you need to DIY / Create-your-own ELISA from start to finish!

Check out ICT’s handy ELISA development technical resources:

4 Essential Steps to Optimise Immunoassay Performance​

  1. FLICA Assay Kits​
  2. MitoPT Assay Kits
  3. Magic Red Assay Kits
  4. Cytotoxicity Assay Kits

INDOFINE Chemical Company    

​Draw chemical structures using the interactive drawing tool from Indofine Chemical Company

Invent Biotechnologies  

​Technical Bulletins – view all

  • High Efficiency Protein Extraction from Adipose Tissues | BioTechniques Vol. 63, No. 5 | Published Online: 16 Mar 2018
  • Pitfalls of Protein Extraction by RIPA Buffer | BioTechniques Vol. 61, No. 6 | Published Online: 16 Mar 2018
  • Tips for Detecting Phosphoproteins by Western Blot

Jena Bioscience

Search all of Jena Bioscience’s small molecule products (including all nucleosides and nucleotides) by sub-structure. Search now

Jena Bioscience is the leading supplier for nucleotides and their analogues. They have more than 2.000 of natural and modified nucleotides available.

Nucleotides | Nucleotide Libraries & Kits | Nucleosides​​


​The Technology of ALiCE

Cell-free synthetic biology is the next breakthrough for genetic and protein research. Free from the limitations of living host systems, cell-free protein expression enables you to achieve rapid results, gain exquisite control over reaction conditions, and reduce background interference. LenioBio’s novel technology ALiCE™ provides the highest cell-free protein expression yields available in a single step. View the

List Biological Laboratories          

​Opening Dangerous Goods Containers & Vials In 4 Steps​

Read the Procedure​

List Labs

​Pertussis Toxin Application in Multiple Sclerosis Research

Cell Ablation Using Diphtheria Toxin (DT) is an Important Technique for Studying Regeneration in Living Animals​ – Read the article​


Check out the standardised IHC-plus™ Immunohistochemistry Protocol, used to validate all IHC-plus antibodies. LSBio Publications are available, including product references, white papers, press releases, target overviews, and product releases.

Want to know more? Download the latest product booklets and flyers on the Media page.

  1. Lumiprobe Corporation 
  2. ​Calculators
  3. Protein Labelling Calculator
  4. dsDNA Quantification Calculator
  5. Solution Calculator

Matreya LLC      

​Isolation of Sphingolipids for Analysis


​Mercodia Webinars – view the latest webinar recordings​

Mercodia webinars connect you with experts in various scientific fields.  These special sessions are educational, informative and often provide you with answers to questions that may assist your group in making decisions now or in the future.  All of our webinars are recorded and posted below as an added resource for our valued customers.

  1. Bariatric Surgery: Regulation of Gut and Islet Hormones by Dr. David A. D’Alessio
  2. Leptin and Diabetes by Dr. Jeffrey M. Friedman and Dr. Roger Unger
  3. Beta Cell Regeneration: Novel Sources by Dr. Juan Domínguez-Bendala and Dr. Pedro Herrera
  4. Advances in the Bionic Pancreas by Dr. Steven Russell
  5. Glucagon Release with SGLT2 Inhibition by Dr. Ralph DeFronzo
  6. Glucagon  – A Therapeutic Target -​ by Dr. Alan D Cherrington
  7. Glucagon & Glicentin: Unique hormones from the Same Precursor – by Dr. Jens Juul Holst

Mercodia Podcasts – listen to the latest webinars

Exploring Frontiers in Translational Research

Learn about scientific advances that lead to a better understanding of diseases and therapies. Interviews with scientists and clinicians will provide you with cutting-edge information, coming directly from the source.  Explore topics ranging from drug discovery and new FDA regulations to novel approaches to metabolic diseases (e.g., diabetes and heart disease).

Molecular Innovations   


  • HPL-I Activation of tPA​ Protocol​​
  • Western Blot Protocol

Phase Genomics              

The Era of Platinum Genomes Has Arrived – Read more

  1. Hi-C Technology Links Antimicrobial Resistance Genes to the Microbiome – Read more
  2. Earth’s Wine Cellar: Digging into the Microbiome of Vineyards – Read more
  5. Uncovering the microbiome: What will you do with metagenomics? Read more


ProSci’s antibody protocols are available for a wide variety of assays including western blot, ELISA, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, and immunocytochemistry.​


  1. Protocol  ​​            PDF Version​​
  2. Western Blot Protocol     ​              ​PDF Version
  3. Immunohistochemistry Protocol​               ​PDF Version
  4. Immunocytochemistry Protocol​ ​PDF Version
  5. Immunofluorescence Protocol (Tissue Sections) ​ ​PDF Version
  6. Immunofluorescence Protocol (Fixed Cells)​           ​PDF Version
  7. ELISA Protocol   ​               ​PDF Version
  8. Antibody Basics​
  9. Tips for Understanding the Antibody Reproducibility Crisis​
  10. ProSci’s 5 A’s of Antibody Development Infographic​​
  11. A Brief Introduction to PD-1 Antibodies and Immunotherapy​​
  12. January 2016: The Antibody Update​​.
  13. ​Read about: Multiple Sclerosis Antibody May Be Linked to JC Virus Infection | Cross Reactive Antibodies Against Ebola | “Heroes of CRISPR” Patent Dispute​
  14. February 2017: The Antibody Update​
  15. T-cell Activation: The Purpose of CD28, CTLA-4, and CD80/CD86​​
  16. Problems with Immunotherapy​
  17. The Importance of Quality Reagents in Studying Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
  18. Learn more about ProSci’s Antibody Resources

​ProSci offers a broad catalogue of over 25,000 research reagent products and offers extensive custom antibody services including the production of monoclonal, polyclonal and single domain antibodies, as well as additional services​.

Quansys Biosciences      

​Have you watched Quansys’ Q-Plex Multiplex Technology On-Demand Webinar yet?

In Introduction to Q-Plex Technology by Matt Groll, General Manager at Quansys Biosciences​

White Papers

Multiplex ELISA Validation – Learn all about selectivity, accuracy, precision, recovery & linearity, curve-fitting and stability. Also available as a printable pdf download.

The Extracellular Matrix, Matrix Metalloproteinases and their roles in Disease​ – Learn about MMPs

Chemokines as Biomarkers​​ – This whitepaper covers Eotaxin (CCL11), GRO-α (CXCL1), I-309 (CCL1), IL-8 (CXCL8), IP-10 (CXCL10), MCP-1 (CCL2), MCP-2 (CCL8), RANTES (CCL5) and TARC (CCL17). Also available as a printable PDF download​.

Tech Tips for Pipetting

Using a pipette the correct way can lead to better data and more reliable results.

Selleck Chemicals           

​Molarity Calculator: Calculate the mass, volume or concentration required for a solution

Dilution Calculator: Calculate the dilution required to prepare a stock solution

Molecular Weight Calculator: Calculate the molar mass and elemental composition of a chemical using its chemical formula

St John’s Laboratory       

Technical Articles

  1. Monoclonal antibodies VS polyclonal antibodies – Which to choose? – Read the article
  2. Choosing BSA vs Non-Fat Milk – Read the article
  3.  Protocols
  4. Check out St John’s  Protocol Series on
  5. Western Blotting
  6. Immunocytochemistry (ICC)
  7. ImmunoHistoChemistry (IHC)